Watch out for the Big Prickle!


2017-BP-Porcupine-logoThe Big Prickle’s got attitude, but like the persnickety porcupine, there’s a subdued sweetness to it. 



Citrus aroma on the nose hints at the overall tart & juicy grapefruit flavour. This funky brew is light-bodied and glows an effervescent gold. Add mouth-puckering goodness to Hawaiian pizza, seafood, or a rich chocolatey dessert.


Yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria do the funky tank tango, creating this enjoyable tart ‘n’ fruity sour. When brewer Mark Campbell introduces the bacteria culture, holding the brew at 45°C for 1-2 days, the pH level lowers and the beer sours. Then it’s business as usual as the yeast converts sugar to alcohol. Clear Valley Chinook hops for tasty grapefruit flavour complete our sour’s prickly perfect pucker.


This experimental brew was sunk into 180 bottles at our retail store. You can find forty odd kegs at select waterin’ holes.

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Brew Cafe & BarTownehouse
Crown and Beaver PubHardrock 42 Gastropub (Sudbury)
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