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Our brewery and retail store is located just a stone’s throw from the South Muskoka River in Baysville, Lake of Bays, Ontario. We would kindly ask, however, that you not test this out by actually throwing rocks at us.

Kegs are available for purchase and need to be pre-ordered 2 weeks in advance.

In 2010 the patrons of Baysville collected in the heart of town to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Lake of Bays Brewing Company. We’ve made a home in this hub in Lake of Bays for 8 strong years.

Our Company President, Darren Smith started work on the brewery at the young age of 23 with his family. They broke ground with the Mayor, and Baysville officials in the summer of 2009.

By mid-January 2010, the brewhouse structure was completed and ready to be populated with brewing equipment. In -37 degree weather, the tanks were lifted onto a flatbed. Soon to bear ale things good and bubbly, they were tenderly transported through the bay doors, unloaded, and turned upright with forklifts. January through March was dedicated to finishing up the exterior, landscaping and preparing for the first Baysville brew!

At Lake of Bays Brewing, our philosophy is simple: make great beer, run a down to earth business, and have some fun while we’re at it.

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Check out these snaps of our state-of-the-art brewery, retail store and beer garden.
We’ve got a good thing going here in Baysville.


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