Beer & Candy Pairings: Trick or Treat w Lake of Bays

Close up of the top half of a Lake of Bays glass filled with Marshmallow Cones.

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 (Baysville, ON): You can’t take candy from a baby, but we know you dip into the kids’ loot bags after bedtime! … Or snack on your own handouts leading up to Halloween. Either way, we had a little fun matching up some of our favourite traditional Halloween goodies with Lake of Bays beer.

Crosswind Pale Ale and Cracker Jacks

Crosswind Can beside an LB glass filled with Cracker Jacks.

Root, root, root for the home brew, Crosswind Pale Ale! Easy citrus notes and roasted barley flavour of Crosswind are perfectly balanced with the caramel and peanut flavour of your field time favourite.

Crosswind is the Lake of Bays original, so it seemed fitting both in spirit and in flavour.

Wild North Pumpkin Ale and Werthers

Pumpkin Ale beside an LB Glass filled with golden Werthers

Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to… drink!

Embrace the season’s pumpkin craze with our pretty Pumpkin Ale. Kristi from The Bike Shop in Gravenhurst inspired this combo with her caramel laced pumpkin pie that took first prize at our Pumpkin Party!

Spark House Red Ale and ReesesSpark House can beside an LB Glass filled with packages of Reeses peanut butter cups

Just when you’re feeling the roasted grains, toffee and caramel tones of the Spark House Red Ale, BAM! Throw some chocolate peanut butter cups in there and you’re on Cloud 9.

Wild North Midnight Bock and Almond Glosettes Midnight Bock beside a toppled glass of Lake of Bays spilling out Almond Glosettes

The earthy coffee tones and dark smokey chocolate flavour of bock washes beautifully over milk chocolate covered almonds.

Baby come bock! You can blame it almond me.

Was that loose pun around Players’ Baby Come Back (1977) lost on you? Listen to this treasure of an anthem while this cocoa combo takes you away.

10 Point English IPA and Cheese Puffs10 Point beside an LB glass filled with Cheese Puffs

We went for contrastive flavours on the 10 Point English IPA. While there are certainly some fine cheeses out there, the elegant Cheeto does suffice after a long night of trick or treating. The refined kick of our medium-hopped English IPA combined with cheddar flavour will make your tastebuds dance.

Top Shelf Vienna Lager and Marshmallow Cone
Top Shelf can beside an LB glass filled with Marshmallow Cones

When we opened up a bag of light and fluffy marshmallow cones, we knew that Top Shelf Vienna Lager would score big. The smooth Vienna malts and notes of cherry add flavour while the pourous marshies melt on the tongue.

Rock Cut Baysville Lager and Original Ruffle Chips

Rock Cut can beside an LB glass filled with original ruffle potato chips

Try something crisp with your crisps!

Maybe you overdid it on the sweet stuff and need regain some balance in your life. We suggest good old fashioned, regular ruffle chips. Rock Cut pairs well with many things, but there’s something irresistibly satisfying about the classic chip and lager combo.

I  hope you enjoy this medley of Halloween flavour! Have a safe and fun weekend.

Sarah Girdwood
Marketing Coordinator at Lake of Bays Brewing Company

Dig the New Rock Cut Label?

2016-Rock-Cut-from-2013-2016We carved out a new one.

Yes, it’s true, after 3 years, we’ve retired the pick axe for the jack hammer. New look, same great taste. Expect to see the new cans at your local retailer over the course of the next two weeks as it makes the trek across Ontario and export markets.

Rock Cut is the second of our core products to be redesigned this year. Who will be next? Wait and see!

Rock Cut Baysville Lager now boasts the mighty jack hammer! Rock Cut is a testament to the hardworking north who sculpted the road to Lake of Bays. Our lager is now partially filtered via centrifuge, adding fuller flavour.
Rock Cut is a crisp and refreshing end to a hard day’s work.

Video: Rock Cut on the Canning Line

Dig in. Find Rock Cut at the LCBO, Beer Store
and select watering holes across Canada.

All Natural • Partially Filtered
4.2% alc/vol • 12 IBUs

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Score! New Top Shelf Vienna Lager

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016: Baysville, ON – Crafted using noble German hops and European malt, the Vienna Lager is a flavourful yet easy-drinking lager with a gentle malt and slight hop character. Top Shelf aims high and scores big!

  • Vienna-Can-Sham-6in5.5% alc./vol. IBUs: 20
  • Brilliant copper hue with a lofty cream foam.
  • Smooth malt aroma with toast and caramel flavour and a hint of cherry.
  • Medium-bodied, cherry notes quickly change to crusty bread. Easy-drinking with a crisp, clean finish.
  • Recommended pairings: meat and battered fish fry, seasoned potato dishes, sweetly spiced desserts such as apple pie topped with a fresh slice of aged cheddar.
  • Learn more…

*Full distribution in 2 weeks! Look for the ruby red cans at The Beer Store and LCBO.

Celebrating 3 Years in Partnership with the NHL Alumni Association

Since 2013, Lake of Bays Brewing Company and the NHLA have raised over $100,000 in support of the NHLA’s activities through our lineup of hockey-themed beers. Founded in 1999, the NHLA is a not-for-profit organization devoted to supporting former professional hockey players in their transition to life after hockey and harnessing the power of those players to support the development of healthy communities across North America.

NHLAA Ticker-stairs-over 90000 raised by lake of bays for the NHLA-2

Here are some of the charitable causes that the NHLA supports:

NHL Alumni Partnership - He Shoots, He Pours!

Aug 20: Summer Beer Tasting Cruise

Summer Beer Tasting Cruise. Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Lake of Bays on Lake of Bays

Treat your hunny, your friend, your enemy you want to keep even closer to a cruise aboard the historical SS Bigwin while sampling local brews from Lake of Bays Brewing Company.
*Must be of legal drinking age.

Date: August 20th, 2016. (Rain or Shine barring severe storms)
Location: Departing from Baysville public docks
Cruise duration: 1.25 hours
Cruise times: 2pm & 4pm
Includes: SS Bigwin cruise; five beer samples; one 12oz glass of beer; complimentary brewery tour.
Ticket price: $50 per person
Purchase tickets: Online (below) or by telephone at 1-844-4-BIGWIN. Book today! Space is limited.
Brought to you by the folks here at Lake of Bays Brewery and the SS Bigwin.

Book Today! Space is limited.
Book online:
Telephone: 1 844-4-BIGWIN

Partial Filtration, Full Flavour

Baysville, ON (Monday, July 25th): We’re constantly striving to bring beer-drinkers the best, and we believe the switch to partial filtration to be the next step. By skipping the cartridge and implementing centrifuge-only filtration, we’re serving up fuller flavour and true craft style.

Look for partially filtered beer by Lake of Bays at the LCBO, Beer Store, and select watering holes in and around Ontario.

Dan & Darren explain why we’re brewing with partial filtration:

“Partial filtration in the beer gives the beer drinker a much better experience, you get much better hop aroma, more of the freshness of the malt flavours. You truly get more of the natural beer flavour, it’s not stripped out.” – Dan Unkerskov, Brewmaster

The centrifuge system whips unwanted beer particulates out of the liquid without stripping the essential hop oil and proteins that contribute to fuller flavour. As you can see above (or at 1:32), there is a slight difference in clarity. A partially filtered beer should have a slight haze to it. This is a sign of quality and nutrients in the beer.

Other benefits include saving water and reducing waste. By switching to centrifuge-only filtration, we dispose of plastic cartridges used in bright, tightly filtered beers.

Embrace the haze with Lake of Bays! #teamhaze


#OCBweek Features Brewmaster Dan


The Ontario Craft Beer Week is ramping up with the Spotlight Series, featuring the people behind the beer. Second up in the series, features our brewmaster, Dan Unkerskov! We got him to answer these questions.

Q1: What is your preferred beer style?
A1: A good, well-balanced one.

Q2: What is your idea of the perfect pint (include details of location, people, scenario)?
A2: Sitting on a sunny patio at Mikkellar Brewery in Copenhagen, enjoying any one of his pints in my home country, Denmark.

Q3: What do you find the most annoying or difficult part of the brewing process?
A3: For me, there’s no part of brewing that’s hard, it’s what I do! The most difficult part is the cleaning. It’s no fun, which makes it the hardest part though it is necessary. Brewers will say you spend 90% of the job cleaning and 10% actually brewing. They’re not wrong. You gotta keep it clean for Mother yeast!

Q4: Which beer industry person do you most admire?
A4: Emil Hansen, known as the Father of Yeast, a dane that isolated the strain of yeast for brewing. Before, it was just thought of as a divine right of god, a miracle substance.

Q5: Craft beard? Piercings?Tattoos? Any other body markings that tell a story of craft brewing?
A5: They call me the Moustache Man at Lake of Bays, so I guess that would be one. There’s a scar on my hand from when I was building a brewery up in Alaska. I was cutting and welding, ended up with 11 stitches.

Q6: What is your wildest/most extravagant beer ingredient?
A6: I’m a traditional brewer. Like the 3 generations before me, I believe in balance above all. Nothing wrong with going wild, it’s just not my personal taste. I’ve thrown in ingredients like spruce, maple, coffee and sarsaparilla.

Q7: What is your proudest beer moment?
A7: Seeing my grandfather and great-grandfather’s paintings hung on the wall as historic brewers at the Albani Brewery (1859) of Odense, Denmark.

Q8: What is the most disastrous brew you ever produced?
A8: Back when I worked in St Catharine’s, I had quite the miscalculation on a cooling system. We were doing an English bitter, and ended up freezing the 50HL tan. The 5% beer turned into a 12%. Beer is cooled from the walls of the tank so as the outer layer froze, the alcohol in it was pushed to the centre, where it concentrated.

Q9: Favourite pastime when you are NOT craft brewing?
A9: Oil painting or riding on my 94 Harley Sportster.

Q10: If you could have a beer with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
A10: Darwin or Gambrinus, God of Beer.

Six Years Strong

Six years ago today, the patrons of Baysville collected in the heart of town to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Lake of Bays Brewing Company. We’ve made a home in this gem of a hub in Muskoka for 6 strong years. Read on if you’re curious about the early days at LB.

2010-photo 2010-shovel

As you can tell from the photo, our Company President, Darren Smith, was a spring chicken when he started work on the brewery at the young age of 23 with his family. His father (self-proclaimed Chief Taste Tester) and his sister Michelle are pictured to the left. They even put the mayor to work! Just kidding, but there a was grand gathering with the Baysville officials in the summer of 2009 to break ground (above).

By mid-January 2010, the brewhouse structure was completed and ready to be populated with brewing equipment. In -37 degree weather, the tanks were lifted onto a flatbed. Soon to bear ale things good and bubbly, they were tenderly transported through the bay doors, unloaded, and turned upright with forklifts. January through March was dedicated to finishing up the exterior, landscaping and preparing for the first Baysville brew!

8417425352_bf9a420e78_o A bird's eye view of the bottling and labelling process.

Originally, Lake of Bays was packaged in 341mL bottles. That’s our old bottle filling line, above. The transition to tall cans was made in 2014 in favour of protecting the beer from sun damage, lighter packaging, and an aversion of pointy sharp shards of broken bottles.

The first LB brewskie to hit the shelves was the LB Pale Ale, hitherto known as our tried and true Crosswind. Here’s a couple images of the older, old, and current package. And if you’ve made it this far, we’ll let you in on a little secret – Crosswind will be getting a fresh coat in June!

palealecase copyCW-Bott-Glass-May19-WEB400x1000CW-Can-6in-500x663

Never a dull moment in this wet ‘n’ wild industry! Ontario has seen rapid growth in the craft beer movement and we’re happily keep chugging away with it. If you’re around Huntsville or Baysville this weekend, we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to the sixth anniversary of Lake of Bays Brewing Company.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.31.46 PM
July 2009 – A timber warehouse for the old home hardware waiting to be ker-smashed by thirsty LB workers .
May 2016 – A sunny day at the brewery! You can see a fleet of LB vans that our regional sales reps use to cruise Ontario and peddle the brews.

When life gives you lemons, make beer!

Wild North: Summer SunsetWN-SS-Can-Glass-12in

Baysville, ON (May 16, 2016) –  Introducing Summer Sunset, our latest edition in the Wild North Series. This dockside companion is made with lemon zest for a dash of citrus flavour. Pilsen malt balances the medium hop character. Wash away the heat with this delicious summer treat!


Find Summer Sunset at participating retailers and watering holes while supplies last: SKU#467050.

Product Details:

  • Soft hay gold with white frothy head.
  • Citrusy aroma with floral and pine notes.
  • Light-bodied and slight bitterness to finish.
  • 4.5% alc/vol (read more)
  • 24 IBUs

Try it at our May 2-4 Event!

Michael Bell kicks off Summer Saturdays with live music in the Beer Garden from 12-3. Enjoy a beer and a bite from Fork in the Road at our place on the way to the cottage. As always, free samples and tours!


For more information:
Sarah Girdwood
Marketing Assistant
(705) 767-2313

2nd Annual Beer, Bourbon & BBQ


Baysville, ON (Apr. 21, 2016) – It’s been two years since our last Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue, but it’s time to bring it back!

Saturday, April 30th, 5:30pm –  9:30pm
Tickets: $30+HST — Call us to book! 1 (855) 311-2337
Includes: Meal, live entertainment, beer & bourbon sampling right in the brewery.
Fork in the Road will be whipping up a mean meal of pork, slaw,  salads, beans, and taters with all the fixins! Chef Terry will station his cookout right inside the brewery, so you can breathe in the smokey goodness over some samples of beer and bourbon by Jim Beam. We’ll have locally baked cookies and brownies for dessert (if you have room….).

We’re excited to welcome
Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers to perform among the bright tanks. This full piece band has a killer setlist ranging from indie to country to folk. Find them listed in CBC Searchlight and set to perform at the Roots North Festival.


2nd Annual Father’s Day Beer Tasting Cruise

SS Bigwin: Father's Day Beer Tasting Cruise. Saturday, June 18th, 2016

We’re cruisin’ for a brewsin’

Treat your Dad to a cruise aboard the historical SS Bigwin while sampling local brews from Lake of Bays Brewing Company.
*Must be of legal drinking age. Paternity test not required.

Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2016. (Subject to weather. Rain date: Sunday, June 19th, 2016.)
Location: Departing from Baysville public docks
Cruise duration: 1.25 hours
Cruise times: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
Includes: SS Bigwin cruise; four beer samples; one 12oz glass of beer; complimentary brewery tour.
Ticket price: $50 per person
Purchase tickets: Online (below) or by telephone at 1-844-4-BIGWIN. Book today! Space is limited.
Brought to you by the folks here at Lake of Bays Brewery and the SS Bigwin.

Book Today! Space is limited.
Book online:
Telephone: 1 844-4-BIGWIN

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