Great to meet Cujo

Picture of Darren & Cujo
Darren and Cujo

May 11, 2014 — Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks so much to Curtis Joseph for coming out to visit with hockey and craft beer fans in Toronto on May 10, 2014. Here he is with Darren Smith, getting ready to head out and meet his fans.


Cujo, Reg and the team at LCBO Summerhill
Reg, you have a top-notch team there. Thanks for your help.

First stop was the LCBO Summerhill, a flagship store, located in a former Canadian Pacific Rail station. They have really done it up right. Great selection too; worth a visit just to see it for yourself.

The Bottom Line, 22 Front Street West

Meeting fans at The Bottom LineThanks also to Wayne and all the good folks at The Bottom Line down at 22 Front Street.

It was a beautiful day.


New Dad

Picture of baby Kenzie
Congrats to Steph and Curtis

Speaking of mothers, we learned on the day that Curtis just became a dad — again. He’s got three boys, and now they have a baby sister, Kenzie, born on May 5. Here she is. In this video she has the hiccoughs. Congrats all!

Thank you to NHLAA

And thanks, as always, to Dylan and the team at NHL Alumni Association. Till next time!

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A visit from Johnny Bower

Johnny Bower and some young fans, January 18, 2014
Johnny and some young fans at Boston Pizza on Front Street in Toronto

January 18, 2014 – None other than Mr. Johnny Bower himself dropped by to say hello, sign some bottles of China Wall and to pose for a few photos, brightening up a chilly January afternoon on Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada.

Johnny first stopped by the Summerhill LCBO — quite a place, if you’ve never been there do check it out — and then later spent some time at Boston Pizza on Front Street.

Johnny Bower signing a photo of himself from the 1960s.
Many thanks Reg and our friends at the LCBO, Lauren, Mike, Nick and the Boston Pizza crew, and Debbie and Dylan from the NHL Alumni Association.

And most of all, thank you, Mr. Bower, for sharing some stories about your legendary career, and for being your gracious self. It was great to meet you.

From Darren, Scott, Adam and the rest of us at Lake of Bays Brewing Company.

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Johnny Bower, January 18, 2014

Tillson, Darren Smith, Johnny Bower, Graham McIntosh, Antonia Smith, Scott Harkness and Adam Evans.
Teresa Allinson, Tamsen Tillson, Darren Smith, Johnny Bower, Graham McIntosh, Antonia Smith, Scott Harkness and Adam Evans.