Wild North: Midnight Bock

Wild North: Midnight Bock

Big, rich, dark and malty, Bock lagers were originally developed to sustain fasting monks. Brewed with malted wheat, specialty malt, and molasses, this smooth-sipping, full-bodied treat will carry you through a long winter’s night.


Ask for Wild North Midnight Bock at The Beer Store, LCBO and select retailers. Limited release, starting November.


Get lost in the midnight dark chocolate and ruby toned colours, capped with a soft tan foam. Pairs perfectly with gentler cheeses such as provolone or mozzarella, seared or cured antipasto meats, and chocolate-covered almonds. Great choice for dinner parties!

5.5% alc./vol. | IBUs: 24

Wild North series: Limited Specialty Brands - The Wilderness Awaits