Spring Maple Belgian Blonde Ale


OMSPABelgian yeast and noble hops mingle with the unmistakably Canadian taste of maple syrup from the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association to give Spring Maple its unique flavour. Notes of vanilla, caramel and nut combine with a subtle spice for a smooth, remarkably refreshing taste. What better way to welcome spring?


Released in Spring 2015.


This unique beer delivers a beautiful amber colour with a slight off-white foam collar. The nose is maple with a good amount of hazelnut (noisette) accented by vanilla and caramel. After a few moments, there are aromas of cherries and just a touch of spice. The body of the beer is slightly sweet, reminiscent of caramelized apples with a nutmeg finish. There is also a slight floral taste that arrives a little late. The finish is smooth with a gentle bitterness that is surprisingly refreshing.

7% alc./vol. | 13 IBUs.

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