Stamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager

Stamp Hammer Bottle and GlassStamp Hammers were used in logging days of yore to make timber marks on logs and lumber. Wood aging makes its unique mark on this medium-bodied amber lager lending complex yet mellow flavour and smooth finish.  


Released in October 2015.


Pours a dark amber, burnt orange, partially filtered. Generous light tan foam. Earthy, spicy aromatics, with a hint of toffee. This is a malt-forward beer, offering a distinctive earthiness thanks to Fuggles hops. Imparts a slightly spicy yet smooth flavour, with a hint of vanilla and banana coming from the wood aging. The mouth feel is medium-bodied. The finish tapers off gently and is exceptionally smooth.

6.5% alc./vol. | 20 IBUs

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