Great to meet Cujo

Picture of Darren & Cujo
Darren and Cujo

May 11, 2014 — Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks so much to Curtis Joseph for coming out to visit with hockey and craft beer fans in Toronto on May 10, 2014. Here he is with Darren Smith, getting ready to head out and meet his fans.


Cujo, Reg and the team at LCBO Summerhill
Reg, you have a top-notch team there. Thanks for your help.

First stop was the LCBO Summerhill, a flagship store, located in a former Canadian Pacific Rail station. They have really done it up right. Great selection too; worth a visit just to see it for yourself.

The Bottom Line, 22 Front Street West

Meeting fans at The Bottom LineThanks also to Wayne and all the good folks at The Bottom Line down at 22 Front Street.

It was a beautiful day.


New Dad

Picture of baby Kenzie
Congrats to Steph and Curtis

Speaking of mothers, we learned on the day that Curtis just became a dad — again. He’s got three boys, and now they have a baby sister, Kenzie, born on May 5. Here she is. In this video she has the hiccoughs. Congrats all!

Thank you to NHLAA

And thanks, as always, to Dylan and the team at NHL Alumni Association. Till next time!

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Congrats to our Lace Up with the NHL Alumni contest winners!

Lace Up with the NHL Alumni. Congratulations to our winners!May 1, 2014 — Hey Northern Ontario craft beer and hockey lovers,

We hope you had a chance to participate in our Lace Up with the NHL Alumni contest to play in a game with your hockey heroes. The ballots are all in; the contest is now closed. We will now select our winners.

Drumroll please! (Sound of paper crinkling, as we are reaching into — what else — empty 2-4 case to draw out names, one at a time…)

Congratulations to our Lace Up with the NHL Alumni Contest winners!

There are 15 people jumping up and down right about now, pumping their fists in the air madly. These folks get to play in a game with the likes of Mark Napier, Bill Derlago, Mike Pelyk, Jack Valiquette, and more!  Lucksters.

Thanks to everyone who filled out a ballot. For those of you who did not win, we feel your pain. There were a lot of you, so we are feeling the love as well, and we’re already looking to the next contest.

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Thanks for playing!