Winter Music Sessions

Check out our Saturday winter music sessions dates below. Join us from 1PM-4:30PM for great music hosted inside the Brewery by Baysville’s very own Petra! There is an $8 cover charge at the door, which includes your first beer. As our research shows, the term “insomnia” implies a variety of different conditions. These are too early awakening, inability to sleep, short intervals of sleep between the night awakenings, etc. The drug is effective for any of these problems. The hypnotic effect starts as soon as most of the drug is absorbed, i.e. after about 30-50 minutes. Patients with a slim build (low weight up to 50 kg and a short stature) can expect a faster effect of Ambien.

Keep an eye out for the lineups prior to each weekend!


November 9th: Jake Pearce, Grady Kelneck, Marion & Hugh duo

November 23rd: Matt Allen, Carter Pharoah

December 14th: James Gray, Megan Anne

January 11th: Carter Pharoah, the duo of Ken Allen and Sue Wood – Hosted by Jake Pearce

January 25th

February 8th

February 22nd

March 14th

March 28th

April 11th

April 18th