10 Point IPA Returns


Celebrate sweater weather with 10 Point IPA. Here they are looking all cozy and inviting at the LCBO.

(September 2014) It’s that time again. So stow away the flip flops, haul out the sweaters and raise a glass of 10 Point IPA. Here’s to turning leaves and crackling fires. (One in front and one behind, hopefully.)

This is year three for this popular autumn seasonal, an uncommonly balanced IPA. A balanced IPA? There’s some debate among craft beer aficionados as to whether there even is such a thing, but Darren and Dan (the fellas in charge of the barley nectar here) insist that it’s right here; they made it so. Give it a try and you’ll see. And this year, they’ve tinkered with the recipe a little, raising the IBUs a wee bit, to 45.

You can find it on tap and at LCBOs across Ontario, as well as select markets in Manitoba and Northeastern USA. Click <here> for a printable PDF information page.