10 Point IPA — Now available all year 'round

10 Point IPA, 6% alc./vol., 50 IBUs.

10 Point IPA, 6% alc./vol., 50 IBUs.

February 2015 — One consistent message we’ve been getting from craft beer lovers since 2012 when we first introduced 10 Point IPA as our autumn seasonal is, “You should bring that one out all year long.”

Well, we listened, and we’re proud to let you know that you can now pick up 10 Point IPA in tall cans at your local LCBO, all year around. Click <here> to find 10 Point at the LCBO nearest you. And if your local does not carry it, ask!

You can also find 10 Point at pubs and restaurants around the province. Email Emma Nudd ( or call her at 705-767-2313 to find it near you.

Why 10 Point IPA is different

In a craft beer world choc-o-bloc with IPAs developed to deliver a not-so-subtle blow to the gonads, 10 Point is an unusually balanced IPA, (yes we said balanced!) dry-hopped in the traditional English style. 10 Point is sessionable and delicious, the kind of IPA that a craft beer drinker can happily keep coming back to. (Read more about the beer <here>.)

We hope you continue to enjoy your 10 Point IPA. And please keep those great suggestions coming!

Darren Smith
Lake of Bays Brewing Co.