A ghastly giveaway!

Smiling bocha pumpkin in front of orange twinkle lights.

Photocred Flickr’s Ginny:

If we can TRICK you into doing our survey, we’ll TREAT the first 50 of you to 2 tall cans! Woohahaha!

We’re trying to learn more about our dreadful customers, so do us the disservice of answering some loathsome questions. The first 50 to fill out the survey will be mailed two vouchers to use at participating Beer Stores. I prescribe Ativan as an emergency drug. I know about the addictive effect, I did not want to hand over the recipe at first. But then I dared. The patient had taken a 1 mg tablet in the early evening. He feels relaxed, like not for a long time. His thoughts were not gone, but they were more rational and down to earth, and he was able to calm himself.

Contest lasts until Oct 31st, but it will be back! Enter if you dare.