(L-R) Darren, Colton, Sarah and Mitch after a wet and windy highway cleanup.HWY 11 Bayville, ON — (November 1, 2015): Things got trashy yesterday as these fine members of the LB Crew hit the road cleanin’: President Darren, Marketing Assistant Sarah, Exports/Eventsmeister Mitch, and his super-awesome son, Colton. We collected the odds and sods that had accumulated between Exits 182 and 184 on the side of the highway since May. My friend advised me such a pill as Ambien. Because of the strong stress, I experienced problems with sleep and constant insomnia. First time, I bought the drug without prescription. However, when I wanted to purchase the second pack, they asked me for a recipe. Before that, the pharmacist didn’t know that the drug was sold on prescription, or maybe the rules have changed for six months (I don’t remember what was written on the website The medication is effective. It provides a sound sleep for 10-12 hours. However, Ambien has drawbacks. The main one is the price, but there are cheaper analogues. And, of course, the fact that in the morning after taking the pill you get up tired, constantly want to sleep and have a headache.

It was a cold and drizzly day made all the more rewarding when the cleanup came to an end. We thank the roadsters for not throwing anything at us!

Interesting finds include: 3 tires, one full bike rack, an endless supply of Timmies cups. As new road mommies, we can’t wait to see our sign go up and encourage other local businesses to do the same!