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2020 Mystery Beers – REVEAL

If you tried our 2020 Toasty Toes Taster Pack, then you would’ve had a chance to try our Mystery Beers! These beers were added as a fun way to get people involved and vote for our next release. Well, now it’s time to announce what those Mystery Beers were! Did you guess them? Mystery Beer #1 is a […]

Muskoka “Night In” Box – Virtual Event

We’ve teamed up with Newmarket Craft Beer Festival to bring to you a Muskoka “Night In” experience. Alongside a few other local businesses such as Clear Lake Brewing Co, Yummies in a Jar, Muskoka Candle Co. AND MORE! You can purchase your Muskoka “Night In” Box at The Muskoka “Night In” Box will include: […]

NEW! Growler Exchange Program

Missing LOB Growler fills? We are starting a Growler Exchange! Bring in a growler and we will exchange it for a cleaned and sanitized one. Then, fill it with your choice of beer. Exchanged growlers will be washed and sanitized, then put back into rotation for our exchange program. Growlers for the exchange must be […]