Beer & Candy Pairings: Trick or Treat w Lake of Bays

Close up of the top half of a Lake of Bays glass filled with Marshmallow Cones.

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 (Baysville, ON): You can’t take candy from a baby, but we know you dip into the kids’ loot bags after bedtime! … Or snack on your own handouts leading up to Halloween. Either way, we had a little fun matching up some of our favourite traditional Halloween goodies with Lake of Bays beer.

Crosswind Pale Ale and Cracker Jacks

Crosswind Can beside an LB glass filled with Cracker Jacks.

Root, root, root for the home brew, Crosswind Pale Ale! Easy citrus notes and roasted barley flavour of Crosswind are perfectly balanced with the caramel and peanut flavour of your field time favourite.

Crosswind is the Lake of Bays original, so it seemed fitting both in spirit and in flavour.

Wild North Pumpkin Ale and Werthers

Pumpkin Ale beside an LB Glass filled with golden Werthers

Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to… drink!

Embrace the season’s pumpkin craze with our pretty Pumpkin Ale. Kristi from The Bike Shop in Gravenhurst inspired this combo with her caramel laced pumpkin pie that took first prize at our Pumpkin Party!

Spark House Red Ale and ReesesSpark House can beside an LB Glass filled with packages of Reeses peanut butter cups

Just when you’re feeling the roasted grains, toffee and caramel tones of the Spark House Red Ale, BAM! Throw some chocolate peanut butter cups in there and you’re on Cloud 9.

Wild North Midnight Bock and Almond Glosettes Midnight Bock beside a toppled glass of Lake of Bays spilling out Almond Glosettes

The earthy coffee tones and dark smokey chocolate flavour of bock washes beautifully over milk chocolate covered almonds.

Baby come bock! You can blame it almond me.

Was that loose pun around Players’ Baby Come Back (1977) lost on you? Listen to this treasure of an anthem while this cocoa combo takes you away.

10 Point English IPA and Cheese Puffs10 Point beside an LB glass filled with Cheese Puffs

We went for contrastive flavours on the 10 Point English IPA. While there are certainly some fine cheeses out there, the elegant Cheeto does suffice after a long night of trick or treating. The refined kick of our medium-hopped English IPA combined with cheddar flavour will make your tastebuds dance.

Top Shelf Vienna Lager and Marshmallow Cone
Top Shelf can beside an LB glass filled with Marshmallow Cones

When we opened up a bag of light and fluffy marshmallow cones, we knew that Top Shelf Vienna Lager would score big. The smooth Vienna malts and notes of cherry add flavour while the pourous marshies melt on the tongue.

Rock Cut Baysville Lager and Original Ruffle Chips

Rock Cut can beside an LB glass filled with original ruffle potato chips

Try something crisp with your crisps!

Maybe you overdid it on the sweet stuff and need regain some balance in your life. We suggest good old fashioned, regular ruffle chips. Rock Cut pairs well with many things, but there’s something irresistibly satisfying about the classic chip and lager combo.

I  hope you enjoy this medley of Halloween flavour! Have a safe and fun weekend.

Sarah Girdwood
Marketing Coordinator at Lake of Bays Brewing Company