Near Zero

Submerge into Near Zero, a classic pale ale with all of the flavour but none of the alcohol (<0.5%). This hoppy brew lets you join in on the fun with the quintessential taste that craft beer drinkers love. Near Zero delivers an intense taste that will leave you refreshed.


Available on our online store, Huntsville Brewhouse, Bracebridge Barrelhouse, and our Brewery retail store.


This NON-ALCOHOLIC pale ale has citrus notes of mild lemon and grapefruit flavours. Crisp and refreshing, Near Zero finishes fairly clean with notes of bread crust, grapefruit, and citrus rind.

Malts: 2 Row Pale, Carahell, Dextrin, Flaked Wheat, Carafa

Kettle Hops: Magnum, El Dorado

Dry Hop: El Dorado