Pina Grande Wheat Ale

Piña Grande

Pour a pint of summer paradise! This summer crusher is made with a subtle dash of pineapple, balanced with the zesty tones of Ontario Perle and a tropical dose of Belma hops. One sip and you’ve found your oasis. Enjoy!


Limited release, starting mid-May 2017.


Turn up the heat with our delicious Piña Grande Wheat Ale. This summer sipper is made with pineapple juice from Black River Juice Company! A golden ale with a creamy white head offers freshly squeezed lemon on the nose. Belma and Ontario Perle hops are elevated to add a little bite to the hint of pineapple flavour. Piña Grande rounds off with a satisfying dry finish. Muchos gracias to Andrew Walsh and Mike Pawlick for this beauty.