Lift Lock

Close your eyes and picture this: sun shining, a slight breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass. The only thing you’re missing is Lift Lock, a pale gold lager with crisp carbonation and earthy tones that fade into a clear finish. Ahhh, the taste of summer.


Available on our online store, Huntsville Brewhouse, Bracebridge Barrelhouse, and our retail store.


Light notes of cut grass on the nose. A fresh bite of carbonation to start, followed by a semi-sweet honey with cereal note. A medium dry body quenches your thirst with an overall clean and gentle citrus note.

Malts: Pilsen

Hops: Magnum, Tettnang

Pumpkin Ale

Celebrate sweater weather with this refreshing, malt-forward ale brewed specially for the fall. Pumpkin Ale features Magnum and Fuggles hops, and pumpkin, autumn spice and vanilla.


The wildly popular Pumpkin Ale is available at LCBO, on our online store, and at our retail outlets in Baysville, Bracebridge, and Huntsville.


Pumpkin Ale is flavourful and malt-forward, with subtle notes of nut, caramel and autumn spice, with a refreshing finish. A perfect accompaniment for fall fare.