Great Outdoor Essentials: Spark House Watch Tower

Coffee Maker, Toque, Firebird matches, Spark House Red Ale, Knife...Spark House On Watch

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 (Baysville, ON) There’s no more classic summer activity than relaxing next to a campfire. With friends and family, with or without music – fireside jam session anyone? – and with your favourite campfire snacks at hand, it’s quintessential Lake of Bays no matter how you choose to enjoy it.

And every time, you reach for your trusty essentials: a cozy blanket, a comfy camp chair, sticks for roasting marshmallows, and your favourite brew. Whether you’ve retreated to your backyard fire pit or you’re relaxing fireside at a campsite, nothing pairs better with a crackling fire than the smoky notes of Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale. Hints of chocolate malt complement that other campfire classic, ‘smores, and Spark House’s smokey finish makes it the perfect accompaniment to grilled food.

Like the fire towers that watched over Lake of Bays for decades, Spark House reaches new heights in craft beer. And there’s a reason it’s become a perennial favourite, just like the campfire: it’s perfect for any summer occasion. This classic anchors the Great Outdoors collection from Lake of Bays Brewery, all of which are made from the fresh, clear water of Lake of Bays. You’ll find it all season long – and the rest of the year, too – at the LCBO, Beer Store and Grocery.

When you’re in Lake of Bays, you can visit one of the places that inspired Spark House: the Dorset Fire Tower. A climb to the top offers sweeping views of the lake below. While you’re there, let the landscape inspire you and snap a few photos for The Great Outdoors photo contest, inspired by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. It’s sponsored by Lake of Bays Brewery, Algonquin Outfitters and Cavalcade Color Lab and features fabulous prizes.