Introducing Stamp Hammer: Oak Aged Amber Lager

Stamp Hammer Bottle and Glass

Baysville, ON (September 21, 2015) – Making its mark for the first time at Lake of Bays, the Stamp Hammer.

Stamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager retains the light body of its paler brethren while delivering a deeper dark fruit flavour as an Amber. The burnt orange liquid offers a soft and earthy flavour to pair with your favourite hearty autumnal meal. (6.5% alc/vol, 20 IBUs)

Stamp Hammers were used in logging days of yore to make timber marks on logs and lumber. Wood aging makes its unique mark on this medium-bodied amber lager by way of its complex but mellow flavour and smooth finish.


In addition to being available here at the brewery and at the LCBO (item #439430), we are also shipping to Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. This limited product is expected to last through the holidays.29