It’s Bock o’Clock!

Midnight Bock Cans on the belt where the moisture is blown off.

Baysville, ON – (November 18th, 2015): Introducing the latest instalment of our Wild North Series, the Midnight Bock! What is a bock? It is in fact a dark lager, like the stout’s cousin.  Big, rich, dark and malty, Bock beer was oringinally developed to sustain fasting monks. Brewed with malted wheat and molasses, this smooth-sipping, full-bodied treat will carry you through a long chilly night.

Get lost in the midnight dark chocolate and ruby toned colours, capped with a soft tan foam. Pairs perfectly with gentler cheeses such as provolone or mozzarella, seared or cured antipasto meats, and chocolate-covered almonds. Great choice for dinner parties!

5.5% alc./vol. | IBUs: 24

Canned on November 12th, the Midnight Bock shipped out on the 16th and 17th to the Beer Store and various restaurants and pubs. Some, like B @ The Museum even have it on cask!

TBS Bock Availability-Nov-20.

*While supplies last. * Further distribution TBD.