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At Lake of Bays Brewing Company our philosophy is simple – make great beer, run a down-to-earth business, and have some fun while we’re at it! We welcome all communities and invite them to join us for a pint paired with good food, whether at our brewery and brewpubs or at home. Our goal is to bring our community together through beer, great food and a love of the outdoors!


We pride ourselves in what we love, and what we love is beer. Our beers are distinguished by balanced flavor, outstanding quality and a strong focus on product consistency. We use only natural ingredients to make our beer and stand proudly behind every part of our production process.


We are committed to being one of the best companies our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and community have ever worked with. We are in the business of making great beer and using production methods that we are proud to disclose to our customers.


Lake of Bays Brewing Co. is an inclusive place that welcomes all communities. Being different is what makes us special, and we strive to create a safe and open environment where everyone can express who they are. We encourage everyone to stop by and join us for a pint, bringing our community together one beer at a time!


Our heart and soul started with the great outdoors, and we invite you to experience the outdoors with us. Whether it be camping, canoeing, or hiking, we believe taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoying a cold one (responsibly!) is one of the greatest gifts of life.


At our brewery and restaurants, we source many local ingredients, supporting our community and creating deliciously fresh beer and food while we’re at it! Our beer is brewed with ingredients primarily grown in Canada. In addition, the spent grain from our brews is used to bake amazing breads and feed livestock that is then used for some of our tasty burgers. All of our menus are thoughtfully curated by our chefs, ensuring you have a great meal every time you dine with us.

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