Partial Filtration, Full Flavour

Baysville, ON (Monday, July 25th): We’re constantly striving to bring beer-drinkers the best, and we believe the switch to partial filtration to be the next step. By skipping the cartridge and implementing centrifuge-only filtration, we’re serving up fuller flavour and true craft style.

Look for partially filtered beer by Lake of Bays at the LCBO, Beer Store, and select watering holes in and around Ontario.

Dan & Darren explain why we’re brewing with partial filtration:

“Partial filtration in the beer gives the beer drinker a much better experience, you get much better hop aroma, more of the freshness of the malt flavours. You truly get more of the natural beer flavour, it’s not stripped out.” – Dan Unkerskov, Brewmaster

The centrifuge system whips unwanted beer particulates out of the liquid without stripping the essential hop oil and proteins that contribute to fuller flavour. As you can see above (or at 1:32), there is a slight difference in clarity. A partially filtered beer should have a slight haze to it. This is a sign of quality and nutrients in the beer.

Other benefits include saving water and reducing waste. By switching to centrifuge-only filtration, we dispose of plastic cartridges used in bright, tightly filtered beers.

Embrace the haze with Lake of Bays! #teamhaze