Saloon Sarsaparilla Ale

WN-SS-Pic4x5-2Availability: Limited edition. October 2014 release.
Appearance: Redder ‘n root beer.
Mouth Feel: Medium bodied with a pleasant bitterness. Not sweet.
Flavour & Aroma: Distinctive sarsaparilla aroma balanced by Belgian-style yeast.
Ingredients: Sarsaparilla extract, malted barley, Ontario-grown Chinook hops, Belgian-style yeast, and fresh Lake of Bays water.
Pairings: C’mon! Burger and fries all the way.
Alcohol & IBUs: 7.5% alc./vol. | IBUs: 30.
Where to get it: Saloon Owner | Saloon Patron


Sarsaparilla is the “root” that makes root beer so dang tasty. But don’t be fooled. This ale smells good enough to eat, but is more ale than (root) beer on the palate. And at 7.5% alc./vol. it ain’t no sodee-pop.

We brewed it with Ontario-grown Chinook hops (from Clear Valley Hop Farm in Collingwood.) Belgian-style yeast gives it a nice bite and thirst-quenching finish.

So set aside your heat, sally on up the bar and order yourself a Saloon Sarsaparilla. Nobody’s gonna call you sissy. Download our Saloon Sarsaparilla Info Page (PDF for printing.)

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